EmeraldSA is a KWP initiative to assist SA Brands and Entrepreneurs in the global market via Ireland, a global leader in IP protection and development.

We provide advice & support to SA brands, entrepreneurs and SMEs looking to the global market including local and global Trademark registration, company registration and commercialisation, which further includes structuring, raising of fiscal incentives, venture capital, franchising etc.

Why Externalise Intellectual Property?

It is generally sage to externalise IP from the general business operations and as IP is intangible, it is capable of being housed and nurtured anywhere on the planet.

The Madrid Protocol is the largest global trademark protocol providing reciprocal protection in over 90 member states including the US, EU and the entire developed world.

South Africa is however not an MP member and coupled with high taxation, it offers precious little in the form of fiscal incentives, support and funding for commercialisation of IP.

Exchange controls further restrict the export of IP, and coupled with a soft currency, SA is not an attractive proposition for hard currency investors in Global IP.

Why Ireland?

More affectionately known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is the global home to many of the world’s leading brands including Amazon, Apple, Dell, Facebook, General Electric, Google, GSK, Microsoft, Pfizer, Starbucks, Uber to name but a few, as well as global brand owners: Diageo Unilever and the like. Why?

  • A Gateway to the European Union, United States and the United Kingdom Markets and Funding.
  • Madrid Protocol and EUIPO member, providing reciprocal protection in all member countries via one filing, significantly reducing costs of filing in each.
  • 12.5% Corporate Tax Rate with no dividends Tax and a ZERO tax on royalty income as well as numerous Tax breaks for start-ups including a 3-year tax holiday;
  • Double Taxation Agreements with most MP members as well as SA and Mauritius.
  • Language and Time Zone parity with SA;
  • Highly Skilled and relatively inexpensive workforce ensuring that the brand is in good hands.

Ireland provides access to ample EU Funding for Brand R&D as well trade incentives from the US, which we facilitate and raise on behalf of SA agents and client.

Unlike other so called “tax havens” Ireland is a legitimate economy providing more than sufficient commercial purpose for, not only legitimate but lucrative, hedging for SA brands.


Legitimately externalising local brands requires real commercial purpose, beyond a ‘postbox’ i.e. Trading entity and activity in the relevant jurisdiction.

In order to register in a Madrid Protocol member country and placate both SARS as well as SARB, the brand owner must have an entity as well as a trading presence.

As South Africa is not a Madrid Protocol Member, we will register in SA secondarily. If possible, the registration should take place first in Ireland in order that the Irish entity is recorded as the owner in SA, so as to avoid double taxation in SA.

Why Emeraldsa?

Our founder is a Dual Irish/SA national with over 20 years of experience in IP, International Trade and offshoring,

He was awarded certificate of merit for outstanding work in Intellectual Property by the University of Witwatersrand in 1993.

We represent numerous Global brands and have strong team and network of agents in SA, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Mauritius.

Irish South African Association St Patrick’s Golf Day Promotion

Almost everyone harbours a secret desire to register a trademark and ‘make it famous’ at some stage in their lives. If not so wired, you might have or know of a person with a prodigious talent or idea.. yes you can trademark a name.

(And for those that are of the mistaken impression that reserving a company name with CIPC constitutes a trademark.. It does not!)

As member of the Irish South African Business Association we are providing a complimentary consultation, trademark/Logo Design search and/or Company Name search and opinion on registrability, worth in excess of R3 500, to all attendees, or an entrepreneur/SME nominated by an attendee, at the St Patrick’s Golf Day.

In addition, the best registrable Brand as voted by the ISABA department, will receive a grand prize comprising of a Global Madrid Protocol Trademark and Company Registration including a separate registration in SA, to the value of over R50 000.

Kindly include your own or nominate an SME or Entrepreneur’s Brand name by completing the form below.