Real Estate

Immovable Property is regulated by a complex body of laws requiring a vast array of expertise. We have decades of collective experience spanning across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

From complex structuring to simple transfers, we have experience in virtually every aspect of Property Law, including the areas listed adjacent.

Our systems and technology link us to all the major banks, the deeds office and latest legal developments, ensuring that we are accurate and efficient with our client’s immovable assets.

Our Real Estate Department serves clients including commercial, industrial & residential property portfolios both locally and abroad. Moira Wingate-Pearse manages our Real Estate Department and has over 50 years experience in Real Estate.

We pride ourselves on expediting transfers; related property matters and we stop at nothing to provide the most efficient service in the shortest possible time. As a result, KWP is able to proudly claim that since commencing practice in 2002, we have never received a query from the Deeds Office.

Our services include:

  • Sale, lease and development/ building agreements
  • Transfers including liquidation, auction, deceased estate and court orders
  • Registration of notarial & mortgage bonds
  • Rezoning, subdivision, servitudes
  • Rental collections, evictions both PIE and commercial
  • Sectional title, shareblocks, timeshare and fractional ownership