Tax has a complex and dynamic regulatory and interpretative framework specific to various forms and sectors requiring highly specialised knowledge and experience.

Due to the frequent changes in tax laws both locally and abroad, professional and specialised advice on company and personal tax is imperative.

We offer representation and structuring of legitimate tax solutions, which clients can trust based on the most up to date regulatory information provided by SARS and international bodies.

International Tax

South Africa has a soft volatile currency with a high tax rate and precious little in terms of fiscal incentives for South African business with a global market.

Fiscal Migration (aka Offshoring or Externalisation) is a legitimate practice if there is commercial purpose. As distinct from emigration, it allows South African businesses to hedge and enjoy the benefits of fiscal incentives and hard currency returns while shareholders continue to reside in South Africa.

The key ingredient is commercial purpose, beyond mere tax arbitrage or avoidance, the establishment of which is one of our core areas of expertise. We handle most jurisdictions with Ireland being our preferred as it is the only legitimate low-tax haven available for the following reasons:

  • An economy in its own right;
  • A low as opposed to a NO tax haven providing a 25-12.5 percent flat corporate tax and ZERO tax on certain IP with fiscal incentives, effectively defering the balance of any tax liability in the first 3 years of trading.
  • A rich source of EU and US funding for Relocation, Research & Development and Global Expansion. Typcial funds include matching grants (ZERO equity) of up to 250k Euro
  • Hard Currency (Euro) based;
  • In close proximity to the United States and Europe
  • A member of the European Economic Zone with mutual networking agreements
  • Source of highly educated, skilled and relatively inexpensive labour;
  • A Member of the Madrid Protocol.
  • More specifically within the context of South Africans Ireleand has:
  • Time Zone parity.
  • Language parity.
  • Double taxation agreement.

Ireland was rated the fourth best country on the planet in which to do business by in 2015.

For all the above reasons and more, four of the world’s top 5 brands and many other leading global companies have their fiscal Head Quarters in Ireland, all of which have undergone the most stringent scrutiny by global fiscal authorities including OECD, US, UK and the EU.

We structure, register and maintain entities to mitigate taxation and maximise access to funding and global markets. All structures that we create for our clients are legitimate and transparent, we will at no stage facilitate any illicit activities including money laundering.

Our services include

  • Tax planning including Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, CGT, STC/dividends & fiscal incentives
  • Objections to SARS Assessments, Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR), Forensic audits, appeals & settlements;
  • International trade, customs & excise
  • International tax & offshoring
  • Estate planning