Are you an  ambitious practitioner looking to develop yourself as a brand, attract your own clientele and ultimately, become an equity director or establish your own firm in association with

We offer an entire career development path from fee-sharing, to support in setting up your own firm, including advances to assist with start-up cashflow, access to our proprietary remote practice management solution as well as mentorship in establishing a successful practice.

We have developed a legal-tech platform that will reinvent the practice of law.

Our innovative platform,, makes it possible for practitioners to collaborate – and, collectively, disrupt the monopoly of large firms on corporate and high-net-worth clientele.

The platform empowers practitioners to work in their own time and space, achieving a work-life balance unattainable by office-bound, big-firm employees.

The platform is currently being trialed by KWP Attorneys, associates and consultants.


Fee-share Associates are remunerated on a 70/30 basis (70% of fee collected from clients originated and 30% on clients referred by the firm and linklawyer).

Our platform allows associates to collaborate and freely refer work while retaining ownership of the client and an origination fee of 30%, in perpetuity, on all work done for that client by other associates to which work is referred by the originating associate

Whether you prefer soliciting clients or doing the work, or both, you share in the fee, the collection of which is handled by our collection department and can be remotely tracked by you 24/7 via our app.

Top-performing Fee-share associates will if desired, have an option of equity and directorship in the firm or support for starting-up their own firm via linklawyer.

Preference on existing and new client referrals and own firm start-ups will be provided on a “first in, first option” basis i.e.  The sooner you join the greater the prospects.


All candidates must be:
– Well presented with an excellent command of English (both written and spoken);
– Highly computer literate and proficient in MS Outlook & Word.

Litigation Fee-Share Associate: 3-5 years PQE with a successful track record of appearing in trials and opposed motions, drafting founding and/or answering papers independently, in both magistrates and high court; Right of and appearance in high court will be an advantage along with an established or potential client base. The position is highly incentivised on a 70/30 fee-share basis i.e. 30% of fees collected on KWP Clients and 70% on own clients. A non-repayable advance on fees written may be extended  to assist with initial cash-flow, if requested and justified. If interested complete questionnaire below.

Trademark Fee-Share Associate: With a successful track record in expediting registrations, dealing with official action, oppositions, tribunal representations and attendances.-  Saiipl Group 1 essential. Potential client base will be an advantage.

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