Why join KWP Attorneys?

Interested in joining KWP Attorneys or participating in our groundbreaking platform? Please apply using the form on the right or contact us for more information. Remuneration will be on a fee share basis, as detailed below. An existing clientele is a must. Advances can be extended to assist with cash flow in the first few months.

We have developed a legal-fintech platform that we believe will reinvent the way attorneys practice law in Africa.

Our innovative platform makes it possible for sole practitioners and SME firms to collaborate – and, collectively, to disrupt the monopoly of large firms on corporate and high-net-worth clientele.

The platform empowers attorneys to work in their own time and space, attaining a work-life balance that’s unattainable by office-bound, big-firm employees.

The platform is currently being trialled by KWP Attorneys, associates and consultants.


Our platform allows members to collaborate and freely refer work while retaining management of the client relationship and an origination fee, in perpetuity.

Whether you prefer merely soliciting clients or doing the work, you share in the majority of the fee, and this can be monitored via an app.

Consultants will be remunerated according to a 70/30 fee share incentive (70% of fee collected on own clients and 30% on firm’s clients referred by the firm). Preference on client referrals will be provided to pre-contracted consultants on a “first in, first option” basis.



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