Are you an ambitious practitioner or candidate looking to develop your own specialty, clientele and ultimately yourself, as a brand?

In association with the Linklawyer Group, we offer a holistic career development path via an entirely unique associate program which, unlike other firms looking to leverage associates to build their own brands, is designed to enable you to build yourself as a Brand in your field of expertise, secure your own clientele (as distinct from that of the Firm) with a view to establishing your own firm with the assistance of the Linklawyer group expanded on below.

The linklawyer™ Group

The linklawyer Group consists inter alia of Brand Practitioner, The Firm, Aquiring Minds and linklawyer itself.

Brand Practitioner™ is a bespoke legal branding & digital marketing agency for start-up, sole and small legal practices (3SLPs) and as such not only unique per se but as part of the linklawyer Group, positioned to provide an unparalleled competitive advantage within the legal market space.

The Firm™ furnishes bespoke premium shared offices/premises in partnership with various landlords and shared office providers in all major CBDs providing a national footprint for its members.

Acquiring Minds™ recruits and manages both administrative and professional staff a challenging task for 3SLPs, as top candidates tend to gravitate towards large firms offering greater financial incentive. Staff turnover is rife in the legal space, requiring a specialist skill to both secure and retain staff. AM not only sources but manages legal admin and professional staff to ensure not only staff performance but retention.

Linklawyer™ provides both the staff and techonology required to remotely administer every aspect of a practice as well as a collections department and referrals platform for 3SLPs including both the legal-tech via a proprietary practice and financial administration solution as well as secretarial, financial and collections staff required to maximise cashflow for 3SLPs.

The group provides all that is requried for 3SLPs to not only survive but thrive in a tough legal market. Just plug inyour your epxetise and its all systems go.

Our innovative platform,  makes it possible for practitioners to collaborate – and, collectively, disrupt the monopoly of large firms on corporate and high-net-worth clientele.

The platform empowers practitioners to work in their own time and space, achieving a work-life balance unattainable by office-bound, big-firm employees.

By joining KWP, you will put yourself in pole position to not only survive but thrive in a legal market.

How to join

Current opportunities are advertised adjacent. If applicable, ensure all the information required if provided. If not and you have a speciality as well as a potential client base, feel free to apply and motivate accoridnlgy.

How does the Fee-share work?

Associates are remunerated on a 70/30 basis:

  • 70% of fees collected from clients originated by you;
  • 30% on clients originated by the firm and other linklawyers.

While retainers are recommended for new clients, we understand that it takes time to collect fees from existing clients and for this reason, we do extend advances on fees to be collected to assist associates with initial cashflow.

Our platform allows associates to collaborate and freely refer work while retaining ownership of the client and an origination fee of 30%, in perpetuity, on all work done for that client by other associates to which work is referred by the originating associate

Whether you prefer soliciting clients or doing the work, or both, you share in the fee, the collection of which is handled by our collection department and can be remotely tracked by you 24/7 via our app.

Top-performing fee-share associates will if desired, have an option of equity and directorship in the firm or support for starting-up their own firm via linklawyer.

Preference on existing and new client referrals and own firm start-ups will be provided on a “first in, first option” basis i.e.  The sooner you join the greater the prospects.


Litigation Associate: OTE R750k Per Annum

A Linklawyer member practice situated in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg is looking for a litigation practitioner with a sound commercial acumen.

Minimum requirements include:

  • 3 years PQE+ with right of appearance in High Court;
  • A passion for and demonstrated history (supported by references) of successful appearance in High and Magistrates Court, including trials in the latter and opposed motions at the very least in the former;
  • An established or potential client base will be an advantage.

The position is highly incentivised on a favourable fee-share basis. A basic and/or cashflow assistance via an advance on fees to be collected is available.

Complete the form below or email to be considered for the position.